Error: "Access is denied" while applying Oracle CPU
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Error: "Access is denied" while applying Oracle CPU


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When applying an Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) package, you receive an error:

"INFO:Command invocation returned Error... 'Access is denied.', Return Code = 1"


The error occurs when the CPU process tries and fails to back up files from a previous patch. This could be due to inadequate file system permissions to the %ORACLE_HOME%\.patch_storage folder, or to the presence of another previously existing backup for the same patch.

To resolve this error, check the following:

  1. Confirm the user running the opatch utility has rights to create folders within the backup destination (%ORACLE_HOME%\.patch_storage).
  2. Check the system path variable; make sure it includes a valid path to the Oracle binaries, and there are no invalid or extraneous characters within the path that could create invalid entries.
  3. Review the logs from the patch application (located in %ORACLE_HOME%\cfgtoollogs\opatch) and see which patch is being backed up at the time of the error. Then check the backup destination to see if another backup for the same patch exists - if its name is not unique (patch ID + date stamp), rename the folder if necessary, and attempt the CPU again.