Download VML profile feature set
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Download VML profile feature set


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Vector Machine Learning (VML) is detection technology available with Symantec Data Loss Prevention version 11.1 and later. For more information refer to the  Best practices for using VML and Configuring VML profiles and policy conditions.

To debug a VML profile, you can download and review its feature set. Features are keywords extracted from the training set documents. The system normalizes the keywords to lower case, removes white space and punctuation, classifies and plots the frequency of the features to generate the model.


To download a VML profile model for debug purposes:

1. In Enforce select the VML profile you want to debug from the screen Manage > Data Profiles > Vector Machine Learning.

2. Look in the URL for the "mldProfileId=X" value.

3. Download the feature-set from Enforce using the following URL:


a) Replace <EnforceServer> with the Enforce server name.
b) Replace <ProfileId> with the VML profile ID.

For example:


Where "mldProfileId=1" is the VML profile ID.

4. Download the file or open it in the browser. The feature-set file is named "features.txt."

5. The file lists the features extracted during the creation of the VML profile's model. The numbers beside each feature indicate the following:

1  = positive feature
-1 = negative feature
0  = common feature