What are Unprocessable components?


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What "unprocessable files" means as noted on the traffic page.


Unprocessable Files (Discover) or Unprocessable Components (Data in Motion)

An item is reported as "unprocessable" if, for unknown reasons, the file could not be opened and the content inspected. Files that do not contain text or that cannot be opened for a known reason (such as graphics or password-protected files) are not labeled "unprocessable."

Reasons for "unprocessable" include:

  • a corrupted network stream,
  • a long or short timeout when waiting to receive extracted content (ContentExtraction.LongTimeout or ContentExtraction.ShortTimeout),
  • an extraction size larger than the limit specified in FileReader.MaxFileSize, and
  • files that are larger than the size limit set in ContentExtraction.MaxContentSize (30MB default).

Note: "components" include the individual items that comprise an archive, or compressed file.