Error: "System error 67 has occurred." when running a network discover scan
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Error: "System error 67 has occurred." when running a network discover scan


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


You are running a Network Discover scan of a Windows share. A few moments after starting the scan, the scan finishes with an error that includes the message, "System error 67 has occurred."


This is caused by a connectivity failure to the target server (for Windows discover servers). There are several possible causes:
  1. Logon to the discover server using the same credentials that are used to run the Vontu Monitor service on the discover server.
  2. From a command prompt, ensure that you can successfully ping the target server by its name as used in the discover target properties.
  3. From a command prompt, use the NET USE command to test SMB connectivity to the target server. Substitute the target as defined in the discover target properties, and the username and password as the ones used in the target:

net use m: <target_share_path> <password> /user:<username> /persistent:no

Note that, in some cases, the graphical "Map Network Drive" tool succeeds where the NET USE command fails; however, NET USE is the only accurate test of connectivity as used in the Network Discover process.

If you are not able to map a drive the server using NET USE, verify that TCP port 445 is accessible from the discover server to the target, and that the share in question exists and is accessible to the account you are using.