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DLP Upgrade from 11.0 to 11.1.2: “There was an error uploading the file”


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Upgrading to release 11.1.2 is supported from DLP versions 11.0, 11.1 or 11.1.1; however while attempting to upgrade via the Enforce GUI, it fails with an RSOD “There was an error uploading the file”


As documented in the Release Notes for 11.1.2, you will need to manually upgrade when going from 11.0 to 11.1.2.


Below are the steps for Manually uploading the JAR file to the Enforce Server and upgrading to 11.1.2 from 11.0:


a)    Copy the upgrade JAR file 11.1.2_Upgrader_Windows.jar to the \vontu\Protect\updates directory*.


b)    Create a new directory that is named EnforceUpgrade11.1.2 inside the \vontu\Protect\updates directory.


c)    Extract the contents of the upgrade JAR file 11.1.2_Upgrader_Windows.jar into the EnforceUpgrade11.1.2 directory* (you can use Winzip or WinRAR to extract the contents of the JAR file).


d)    Run start_upgrade_wizard.bat, which is located in the \vontu\Protect\updates\EnforceUpgrade11.1.2 directory.


e)    Wait a few minutes for the Upgrade Wizard server to start.  This will open a command window with Tomcat as Title (make sure that you don’t close this window).


f)    Open a Web browser and go to: https://Enforce_server:8300
(Enforce_server is the name or IP address of the computer having Enforce server)


Continue using the standard upgrade procedures. See “Performing an upgrade with the Upgrade Wizard” in the upgrade guide.

* Note for Linux users:

The extracted contents of the JAR file will need to have permissions added to run properly before starting the upgrade.

For additional instructions on adding permissions for Linux, please go to page 79 of the 11.1 Upgrade Guide.


DLP 11.1.2 Upgrade Error.PNG get_app