Cannot Scan Files Archived In Enterprise Vault


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


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The problem is that after the Vontu DLP Discover scan has run for a while, the Enterprise Vault can’t handle any more request to open files.  In the scandetail logs, the following error message will appear: 
“The remote storage service was not able to recall the file".
This does not stop the scan right away.  The scan moves on to the next file but continues getting the above error.  After getting enough of these errors, then the scan stops because of "too many consecutive errors."  By default, a discover scan will abandon scanning a share after receiving 100 consecutive errors.


If you are experiencing this problem, please consult the following Enterprise Vault KB:

Note:  This solution applies to scanning files that have Enterprise Vault links on the file share.  This does not apply to scanning Enterprise Vault directly.  For a more detailed discussion about scanning Enterprise Vault file server archives please refer to the related article linked below (TECH220279).