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After enabling CCS integration with DLP the Vontu Manager runs into OOM


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


After integrating CCS with Symantec DLP the manager service crashes due to out of memory (OOM) errors.
As a side effect, when that occurs, the user can no longer log in and a restart of the manager service is required.

You will also see accompanying hs_err files within the Vontu/protect/bin directory with the OOM

This can also occur if you have a Reporting API is pulling corrupted incidents


The problemis related to a memory leak. The leak will be triggered if incidents get pulled via CCS / Reporting API that are corrupt and as a result have incident highlighting exceptions. When the incidents that get pulled by CCS you should get an error message when accessing them manually via the Vontu UI.

eTrack 2318741 has been filed for this behavior.

Modify the CCS requests and exclude the matches from the incident detail request from the CCS client.
Then restart the DLP Manager service and monitor the environment