Old EDM indexes are not cleaned up when the new version is generated


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Reproduction Steps:

1. Prepare EDM index files by RemoteEDMIndexer, to make multiple files, to set
- index_process_memory_reserve and
- max_loaded_index_memory
low, for example, 1M and 2M.
2. Load them on a Enforce from Policies > Exact Data > Edit exact Data Profile
3. Perform above processes again.

Expected behavior: the old indexes are cleaned up when the new version is generated.
Actual behavior: the old indexes remain.


The bug is failing to remove/delete index files when number of sub-indices for a given index files is greater than 1, which occurs when the difference between max_loaded_index_memory and index_process_memory_reserve < DataSource.

At this point the only workaround for large data sets is to delete the files manual and our engineering is determining at a later point when the fix will be incorporated into the product.

Reference Bugs: eTrack 2174291 and eTrack 1309294