What is PUPBLD.SQL and what can be done about it?
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What is PUPBLD.SQL and what can be done about it?


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


When logging into SQLPlus as protect (or any other account other than SYS or SYSTEM), the following set of messages pops-up:

Warning:  Product user profile information not loaded!
You may need to run PUPBLD.SQL as SYSTEM

These may also appear in installation.logs


These messages are warnings.  SQLPlus should be accessible, although this may be seen as a symptom of not following our instructions and/or database template during installation.

These associated error messages are warning you that the PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE table has not been built in the SYSTEM account.

Running the PUPBLD.SQL script is optional, but is needed to get rid of the SQL*Plus warning messages that are associated to it.

To create this table, a Database Administrator ( DBA ) must run the PUPBLD.SQL script located in the Oracle home directory.  This script must be run as user SYSTEM.

If the PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE table is created incorrectly, all users other than SYSTEM will see a warning when connecting to Oracle from SQL*Plus that the PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE information is not loaded.