EDM/IDM scheduling periods
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EDM/IDM scheduling periods


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Data Loss Prevention


How often can I schedule a IDM or EDM to be indexed?


An EDM or IDM index can be scheduled through the Enforce console user interface. 

This is done by creating a document profile and selecting the "Submit Indexing Job on Schedule". 

The schedule can be Daily, Weekly, Monthly or just once, based on the pull down on the indexing page.

We currently do not allow more frequent indexing than daily because of performance implications however we currently have open an Enhancement Request (PM-573) to allow more granularity of scheduled indexing for a EDM/IDM such as 15 minute increments or even a free entry field for the scheduled time.

Additional Information

For more please refer to the product documentation on Symantec Data Loss Help Center for more details on configuring the indexing. 

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