Removing Agents from Agent Overview Page
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Removing Agents from Agent Overview Page


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


We have agents listed in the Agent Overview that have not checked in for months.  These are machines that may be retired for one reason or another.  How can I remove them from the UI?


There is no automated way to remove the agents from the UI.  The agents must be removed using the delete button from the Agent Overview page.  There is a filter that can be used to narrow the agents listed.  There is also a select all button. 

If you remove an agent that is still active, it will be repopulated automatically when both the IP address of the agent has changed and either the server polling interval has elapsed (default is 15 minutes) or the agent has been restarted.  However, removing the agent will remove the Agent Events from the database.


Note: Removing the Agent from Agents Overview does NOT delete or purge related Endpoint Incidents from Enforce.