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This article includes the list of bugs/defects related to the Clarity Microsoft Project (MSP) integration including the version fixed.


Release: All Supported Releases
Component: PPMMSP, ODMSP


Important: In order to see any Clarity MSP Interface fixes, after upgrading Clarity, the latest MSP New Driver version will also need to be installed.

  • Before upgrading the MSP Interface, first uninstall the existing Clarity MSP Interface components from the workstation which include:
    • CAClarityAddin, CA PPM Schedule Connect, CA PPM Microsoft Project Interface
  • The latest MSP New Driver can be installed from Clarity in Home->Account Settings->Software Downloads.  (Ensure the bit level installed matches that of Microsoft Project.)

Defects fixed in 14.3

Defects fixed in 14.4

Defects fixed in 15.1

Defects fixed in 15.2

Defects fixed in 15.3

Defects fixed in 15.4

Defects fixed in 15.4.1

Defects fixed in 15.5

Defects fixed in 15.6

Defects fixed in 15.7.1

Defects fixed in 15.8

Defects fixed in 15.9:

Defects under review:

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