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Non-sensitive file is blocked if uploaded after blocking action for sensitive file with same name


Article ID: 159555


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor


If Endpoint Prevent blocks a file attached to a webmail message in a Firefox browser for violating a policy, then any subsequent file attachment with the same file name also will be blocked.  This behavior does not occur with an Internet Explorer browser.


Relevant Version: 9.0

Endpoint Prevent can block files attached to webmail messages if those files violate any policies.  If Endpoint Prevent blocks a file attached to a webmail message, then subsequent file attachments sharing the same file name (whether or not it contains sensitive data) will also be blocked in the Firefox browser but not in Internet Explorer (IE).


  1. Restart Firefox
  2. Remove any sensitive data that caused any policy violations from the blocked file
  3. Save any subsequent, similarly named file with a new name and then attach the new file to a webmail message.