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Variables for configuring BoxMonitor.Channels are translated


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


The variables in the Enforce Console online Help for configuring BoxMonitor.Channels were translated in localized versions of Symantec Data Loss Prevention but they should not be translated, they must remain in English, since they are parameters. If you install a language pack, these parameters have been translated as well.


This issue was fixed in version 11.5.1 as per Incident ID: 2648478 which can be seen in the 11.5.1 and later Product Release notes.

The following are the officially supported configurations:

·         Monitor Server: Packet Capture, Copy Rule
·         Discover Server: Discover
·         Endpoint Server: Endpoint
·         Network Prevent Server (Email): Inline SMTP
·         Network Prevent Server (Web): ICAP

Please note that these settings are case sensitive