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Unable to scan the user's own Inbox folder via Exchange Discover Scanner


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


Problem with Discover Scanner scanning user's inbox.


Relevant Versions: 8.0
The root of the folder tree will be "IPM_SUBTREE" or "Top of Information Store" depending on whether the checkbox for "Use Cached Exchange Mode" is checked or unchecked in your Outlook profile. 

So, one of the two following settings should be set, depending on the cache setting.
      StartFolder = IPM_SUBTREE\Inbox
      StartFolder = Top of Information Store\Inbox
If you are having a problem with Discover Scanner not scanning the user's own inbox, check the folder setting in the config file to see which of the two above settings is listed.  For example, If you have:

StartFolder = IPM_SUBTREE\Inbox

Change it to 

StartFolder = Top of Information Store\Inbox

Please note: The value of the StartFolder parameter is case sensitive.  It needs to match what you see in the Job0.log, where the folder structure is dumped as reference.

Alternatively, you can use
the MAPI Editor tool from Microsoft to find out the Exchange folder structure and what you need to setup as the target scan folder.  It can be downloaded from