IEC032I E37-04 on HOST STAGING DSN Allocation.
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IEC032I E37-04 on HOST STAGING DSN Allocation.


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When doing a package ship an error IEC032I E37-04 occurs on the package ship staging dataset.
This is a space abend on a PDS dataset used to stage the package ship components.

 How do we increase the space on the staging dataset?


Endevor package ship.


To increase the space follow these steps:

  1. From the main panel under the environment that the package ship ran select option 4 "ENVIRONMENT".
  2. From the Environment options menu select option D  "DESTINATION".
  3. Enter the destination that was used in the package ship and select option 2 "BUILD" so the Destination can be updated.
  4. Enter option D "Display DSN Mapping Rules for Update" this will display the mapping rules.
  5. Select(with S) the mapping rule used in the package ship.
  6. Alter the value on the field "Approx Host Members/Cyl" . Use the description below to determine the new value.

The field "Approx Host Members/Cy" contains an approximation of the average number of members that can be contained in one cylinder for datasets which map to this rule.      

Valid values are .01 thru .99 in increments of .01; 1.0 thru 9.9 in increments of .1; and 10 thru 999 in increments of 1. If omitted or 0, a default of 16 members/cyl is used.                                   

Examples of values less than 1 convert as follows:                     

  .01 member/cyl = 100 cyls/member                                     

  .02 member/cyl =  50 cyls/member                                     

  .05 member/cyl =  20 cyls/member                                     

  .10 member/cyl =  10 cyls/member                                     

  .20 member/cyl =   5 cyls/member                                     

  .50 member/cyl =   2 cyls/member                                     

When packages are staged for shipment or collection, the actual number of members being staged is divided by this value and the result plus 1 cylinder of primary and secondary space will be allocated for the  staging data set.