What is DCS for DLP?


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What are Data Classification Services (DCS) in relation to Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


Starting with DLP 11.1 Symantec Enterprise Vault Classification Services are possible.

Enterprise Vault uses a detection server within Data Loss Prevention called Classification.

The Classification server is installed and registered the same way as other Data Loss Prevention detection servers.  It does however require a special License file (.slf) which comes with Enterprise Vault Exchange Agent Filter version 10 and higher.

The Classification Server is a new type of detection server that receives messages from the Data Classification for Enterprise Vault filter and applies policies to the messages to generate "classification" results.   The results trigger archiving the message in Enterprise Vault, or specifying retention period to keep the message, and/or other Enterprise Vault related functions.

The Classification Server is able to inspect Exchange messages and use any of the available Data Loss Prevention detection technologies that have been specified in a policy created by the Enforce server. 

The Classification Server is used only with the Symantec Enterprise Vault Data Classification Services solution. (Licensed separately from Symantec Data Loss Prevention)