Point Enforce console to a new or moved Oracle server


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How to change the database connection information when the database has moved.

How to point Enforce console to a new or moved Oracle server.


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The database connection information is stored in the jdbc.properties file. The jdbc.properties file can be found in the <drive>:\Vontu\Protect\config\ OR <drive>:\SymantecDLP\Protect\config\ directory.

The following lines should be updated to reflect the new hostname.  No other changes are necessary from the Symantec DLP application perspective.

[email protected](description=(address=(host=

[email protected](description=(address=(host=

This assumes the username and password has not changed. 

Note:  As of 7.0 and above:

  • You cannot directly edit the jdbc.dbalias.oracle attributes
  • Only the Oracle-Thin attribute noted above needs to be changed