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How to install the Oracle client for DLP Enforce server


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


  • You have a 3-tier DLP architecture and need to install the Oracle Client on the Enforce server
  • DLP documentation points to Oracle for installation steps
  • You need to know which of the 4 Client Install type options presented in the wizard is the correct one for DLP


DLP 15.x in 3-tier configuration


The  Administrator option is the correct one to choose.

(If you choose the default option ("Instant Client" is first in the list), you will not have the necessary SQLPlus components required for the Enforce server to connect to the Oracle database)



Additional Information

  1. You should also make sure that you update the ORACLE_HOME and PATH environment variables in Windows with the correct paths to the new Oracle client. (Note that these will not take effect until a restart of the server)
  2. You should copy your tnsnames.ora from your Oracle server. Example default file path:
    • Oracle server <Drive>:\oracle\product\\db_1\network\admin
    • To your Enforce server <drive>:\app\client\Administrator\product\19.0.0\client_1\network\admin