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Screen print operation within Bloomberg application causes application hang with EP agent installed


Article ID: 159524


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


Performing a screen print operation from within the Bloomberg application causes the application to hang with the DLP Endpoint agent installed. 


This is a known issue which occurs because the Bloomberg application hangs due to the latency introduced by Endpoint agent scanning.

Adding higher timeout variables has addressed latency issues with other applications such as iNotes ( KB 54445 ), Documentum ( KB 52411 ) and EDIM ( KB 54663 ). 


However, in the specific case of printing via Bloomberg, the print actually consists out of a screenshot and not actual data and thus can not be scanned (unless OCR is implemented via FlexResponse). The recommended resolution is bypassing monitoring via Application Monitoring:

  • Log in to the Enforce UI as Administrator and go to System > Application Monitoring
  • Click the "Add Application" button
  • Use "WINTRV\.EXE" for the Binary Name, Internal Name, and Original Filename fields
  • Under the "Monitor For These Activities" header, un-check the Print/Fax checkbox.

This will add an exception for the Print/Fax channel for the Bloomberg application.