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How to customize the title and appearance of the popup window generated by the Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Endpoint response rules.


There are several options to customize the popup for notify or block response rules, but accessing the configuration changes from version to version:

• In version 10.x, the popup options are in the server detail page of the Endpoint Server, by clicking Configure, then Endpoint Settings.

• In version 11.x and higher, go to the Endpoint Agent configuration and click the Advanced Agent Settings tab.


The string customization options are blank by default; the agent will use the built-in defaults if no text is entered. Please note that these options may change somewhat between versions.

Option  Purpose
 UI.BUTTON_OK  Label of "OK" button (default: OK)
 UI.BUTTON_OKTOALL  Label of "OK to All" button (deprecated)
 UI.MONITOR_MSG_TITLE  Text at top of window for Notify response (default: "Warning: confidential data detected")
 UI.MONITOR_TITLEBAR  Text in title bar for Notify response (default: "Warning")  Set to "1" to disable pop-up window
 UI.PREVENT_MSG_TITLE  Text at top of window for Block response (default: "Warning: confidential data detected")
 UI.PREVENT_TITLEBAR  Text in title bar for Block response (default: "Warning")
 UI.QUARANTINE_PROMPT  Text of file quarantine user prompt
 UI.SCAN_BAR  Text of popup for DIM scan in progress (default: "Scanning for sensitive data")
 UI.SCAN_TITLE  Title bar of popup for DIM scan in progress
 UI.SCAN_SHOWTIME  Minimum time, in seconds, for the scan dialog to remain on the screen (default: 2, 0 to disable)
 UI.USERINPUT_PROMPT  Label of radio button for user-defined justification (default: "Other:")


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