Error "2920: Failed to load database profile" when indexing an Exact Data Match profile


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


You see the following error in your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Enforce console on the System > Servers > Overview page when indexing an Exact Data Match (EDM) profile upon save or at a scheduled time.


Code 2920
Summary Failed to load database profile
Detail Failed to load RAM index from \Vontu\Protect\index\DataSource.nnn.nnnn.rdx.
No incidents will be detected against database profile "[Database_Profile_Name] (SADB.EMPLT)" version nnnn.


Attempting to index the EDM from a remote machine without using a remote indexer.


Copy the EDM source file locally on the Enforce server and retry the index.
  1. Log into the Enforce console.
  2. Go to Manage > Data Profiles > Exact Data.
  3. Click on Add Exact Data Profile.
  4. Enter a desired name.
  5. For Data Source, select the "Upload Data Source to Server Now" radio button.
  6. Browse the local copy of your source file on the Enforce server.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Finish