How can I monitor a copy to an iPod, iPhone, or iPad using iTunes?


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The customer is using iTunes to copy confidential data to an Apple iPod, iPhone or iPad. How can I monitor it?


You can change or add this value in the Application Monitoring setting for the iTunes application. To do this, perform the following steps:
  • For version 10.5: Login as Administrator into the hidden page at: https://<enforceserver>/ProtectManager/ .
  • For version 11 and later: Login as Administrator, then navigate to System -> Agents -> Application Monitoring.
  • Click on Add Fingerprint (Add Application in v11) and create a new application:
    • Name: Apple iTunes
    • Binary name: <leave empty>
    • Internal name: iTunes
    • Original Filename: iTunes\.exe
    • Enable "Write CD/DVDs?" option
  • Click on Save.
  • Recycle the Endpoint server.
  • Restart the EDPA service on the Endpoint Agent.

NOTE: To avoid performance problems with iTunes, Endpoint Agents should be at a minimum version of 10.5.3, or 11.1.1 (for version 11.x servers).