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How to determine the Vontu version in use


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Determining the Vontu version in use with or without the UI.


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Through the Enforce UI:

You can verify this by logging into the UI as Administrator. On Windows it should reflect the version, such as 7.1.

For more details such as exact version information, log into the UI as Administrator, go to Administration > System > Overview and click on the Enforce Server detail. This will display the version information.

To find the Version without accessing the UI:

The version number is written in \Vontu\Protect\logs\BoxMonitor0.log. When the BoxMonitor starts on the Detection Server, the version number is printed. Compare this version with the Enforce version in the UI. The Detection Servers must be on the same version.

Here is an example of how the version number looks in the BoxMonitor0.log file:

Jan 25, 2007 4:11:33 PM com.vontu.boxmonitor.BoxMonitor <init>
INFO: Starting server software version

In the above example, the BoxMonitor is on the Detection Server for version 7.0.