During DLP for Linux single-tier install: 'SQLPlus.exe is not executable at ...'


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After installing Oracle, the DLP install halts after hitting "Next" on the "Base directory" and "Home_directory" confirmation screen, showing the following in a pop up window:

Sqlplus is not executable at /opt/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1/bin


"Base directory" refers to the ORACLE_BASE directory and "Home directory" refers to the ORACLE_HOME.  The paths provided are defaults provided by the installer and may not reflect the ACTUAL paths.  For example, the error shows an $ORACLE_HOME/bin path of:



...when the actual $ORACLE_HOME/bin is ...



Close the error window and use the "Browse" button next to the path to seek the appropriate path.  Then hit "Next" again, to see if your choice is successful.