How to add / view admin role in Exchange 2007


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You want to know how to view or add a role to Administrator group in Exchange 2007


 ·         To add  a User or Group to an Administrator Role in Exchange 2007:

o   Use the Exchange Management Console

§  Start the Exchange Management Console.

§  In the action pane, click Add Exchange Administrator. The Add Exchange Administrator wizard appears

§  On the Add Exchange Administrator page, click Browse to select the user or group for which you want to add an Exchange administrator role.

§  Under Select the role and scope of this Exchange administrator, select the Exchange administrator role you want. If you select the Exchange Server Administrator role, be sure to select the appropriate Exchange servers to which the user or group will have access.

§  Click Add.

§  On the Completion page, click Finish to complete the task.

o   Use the Exchange Management Shell

§  Run the command:   Add-ExchangeAdministrator

The following example adds the user Ted to the OrgAdmin role in the domain Test

Add-ExchangeAdministrator -Role OrgAdmin -Identity Test\Ted


·         To view the Administrator Roles for Users and Groups

o   Use the Exchange Management Console to view administrator roles for users and groups

§  Start the Exchange Management Console

§  In the console tree, click Organization Configuration

§  In the result pane, on the Exchange Administrator tab, you will see your users, their relevant administrator roles, and the scope of their permissions to Exchange 2007.

o   Use the Exchange Management Shell to view administrator roles for users and groups

§  Run the command:   Get-ExchangeAdministrator

 For more information about MS Exchange 2007 permissions, please refer to the Microsoft TechNet site