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Chrome Support for Endpoint Detection


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Do we support detection on the Endpoint for the Chrome browser?


We do support Chrome via HTTP, as well as any other browser. 


For version 11 and above, HTTPS support for Chrome is available through Application Monitoring.

You must add an entry for the Chrome executable (chrome.exe) in the Application Monitoring filters.


When adding the entry, make sure you specify the escape character ‘’ before any period in the binary name, e.g.: chrome.exe


For performance reasons, filter out the user data folder: “%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data”


Update : Startig Data Loss Prevention version 14.0, Google Chrome has native monitoring, For latest updates please refer to the Symantec Data Loss Prevention System Requirements and Compatibility Guide at


Preventing data loss to HTTPS websites from Google Chrome

Symantec Data Loss Prevention can now monitor and prevent sensitive data transfer over HTTPS from the Google Chrome browser. Also, Google Chrome is now a default application on the Application Monitoring screen, which means you are no longer required to add it to monitor sensitive information.

You can do the following with this feature:

  Prevent sensitive files from being uploaded using Chrome. You can also indicate sites where sensitive information is allowed to be uploaded.

Prevent sensitive information from being pasted into Chrome. You can also indicate sites where sensitive information is allowed to be pasted.

Prevent sensitive information from being printed from Chrome.