Creating alerts on the Enforce server
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Creating alerts on the Enforce server


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SMTP server details have already been entered under System > Settings > General > Edit general settings on the Enforce UI.

What should be the next step to create the alert?


  1. Go to System > Servers > Alerts > Configure alert
  2. Type in the alert name and the description.
  3. Add Event type, Server, or Event code conditions. It is better to go for the Event code condition. For Example : 1008,2301 etc.
  4. Under actions type in the Email Recipient details for the notifications. It needs to be a comma-separated list of email addresses.


These KB articles provide some additional information:

Configure Enforce Server to send email alerts

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Note: For more information, refer to the "System event codes and messages" page in our online help.
For DLP 15.8 the link is; System event codes and messages.