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unable to gather Endpoint logs, log collection job does not finish


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


When collecting the Agent logs, the following scenario might occur, where the agent collection job stays in a running state

1. Open the Enforce console that has a Endpoint server that has at least one agent
2. Goto System -> Logs
3. For the Endpoint server, check the box for “Agent Logs”
4. Click the “Collect Logs” button.
5. Goto System Overview and you should have a event “Couldn’t find files to collect”
6. Go back to System -> Logs
7. Notice under “Previous Log Collections” that the job is sitting in a waiting status still running. It will NOT stop until you stop it manually


Collecting logs on the Agent is a two step process.  First, the logs must be copied from the Endpoint Agent to the Endpoint Server. Go into Agent Overview, select your agent/s and run a gather log job first. Then the gathering the logs from Enforce works.

eTrack 2076523 has been filed for this issue.