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After installing the Endevor incremental release V18.0.09 i now get a message for missing modules.


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After installing the incremental release of Endevor SCM Version 18.0.9 I found that initial install had over 200 load libraries and the current incremental only has about 80 modules.  

Why am I missing so many load modules?


Component: ENDBAS


With the new incremental files we are only sending out fixes/new features.  The number of load modules on the new incremental release will vary depending on what has been fixed and the new feature modules.  

This is how to fix the problem:

*  Concatenate the older install (base level) of the loadlibs after the new load library 
    in your new clist bringing up Endevor.  

    this would be the setup for the steplib or linklist:

          //             DD  DSN=BST.OLDLIB.CSIQAUTH,DISP=SHR
         //              DD  DSN=BST.NEWLIB.CSIQLOAD,DISP=SHR
         //              DD  DSN=BST.OLDLIB.CSIQLOAD,DISP=SHR

What this will do is pick up any new feature or fixes (just installed) and then look for any modules that were previously installed.