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Page not found error accessing Edit Exact Data Profile page


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


All users of a role with User Privileges of System Administration checked cannot access the Edit Exact Data Profile page of a specific EDM
Administrator user can access the page
Navigate to Manage>Data Profiles>Exact Data
Clicking on the link for a specific Exact Data Profile results in Page not found error for users

The Exact Data page is ProtectManager/
Clicking a link to a specific EDM takes you to ProtectManager/
It appears that the database record that we are trying to retrieve for the specific EDM profile has either been locked in some way or corrupt.


Log in as the Administrator
Navigate to Edit Exact Data Profile page for the EDM in question
Make an edit i.e. change the Indexing schedule
Save the Exact Data Profile
Log in as a role user and see if they can now edit the EDM profile
It appears that saving the EDM profile again clears up any locks or corruption allowing role users to now access the EDM profile