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Within an Endpoint incident the recipient is shown as displayed name, not as the recipient email address.


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


Within an Endpoint incident the Recipient of an email that violated a policy is displayed as the entered name , not as the email that it would resolve to.


Under normal circumstance any recipient within incident details are shown as fully resolved emails

For example: If a user will send an email and enters in the recipient field a username, the email client (outlook, domino) the email it will resolve to will be displayed.
If user enters "First LastName <[email protected]>", it will be displayed in incident in same way. That is - "First LastName <[email protected]>".

However, in the following scenarios the recipient field will display "First LastName" in the way it has been entered:

- Recipient string is distribution group. Agent can’t resolve the group
- User has specified display name, and domino/Exchange server is not accessible (eg being off network)
- Not able to resolve the user name for some reason. It could be case of partial or wrong recipient.