Strange message (ORA-01078) encountered when installing Oracle through DBCA.


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While doing a fresh installation of Oracle, during the database creation portion (when running DBCA), you may encounter the following message:

ORA-1078 (or ORA-01078) which refers to initialization parameter accessibility.

Along with a wizard popup that says, loosely:

DBCA  - custom, default. 
"shared pool, the following parameters do not meet recommend size.  do you want the dbca to change parameters?

Do you want DBCA to change the paramaters = yes

next / finish."


Navigate to where the dbt files are kept:

On linux:

cd $ORACLE_HOME/assistants/dbca/templates

Next check to make sure that the ownership and permissions of the Oracle_10g_Database_for_Vontu_v10.dbt file are correct.  They should match those of the other files in the directory.  If not, modify both the ownership and the permissions associated with the dbt file, then cancel the wizard and restart. 

Potential cause:  Part of the Oracle installation require some scripts to be run as root.  This opens the possibility that this file was copied into place by root.

Solution: Make sure that the dbt file is owned by oracle and enjoys the same permissions as the other dbt files.

Additionally, windows wizard will simply hang if there is an issue with the dbt.