Detection Server in Unknown Status after fresh install. Missing Keystore.


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Detection Server showing ‘Unknown Status’ after performing a fresh install.  Communication is working between the Enforce and Detection Servers.


On the affected detection server check for the file called monitor.timestamp.sslKeyStore 

  • In version 15.0 and before this will be in:  \SymantecDLP\Protect\keystore This file is necessary for communication.
  • In version 15.1 and greater this will be in: C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Data Loss Prevention\Detection Server\<version>\keystore

  If the file is not present then copy the same from another working detection server and paste it to the affected detection server. Take a backup before you make any changes.

Restart the Vontu Monitor service (or SymantecDLPDetectionService on 15.1 and later)

Note: Ensure to take proper backup of appropriate folders related to keystore before performing any troubleshooting to avoid Data loss.