What version of Oracle is supported in Symantec DLP 11


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What version of Oracle is supported and certified by Symantec DLP version 11?



At this point the following options are:

New installs support only Oracle 11g (32- and 64-bit).


Environments upgraded from version 10.x or earlier support Oracle 10g ( , 32-bit only) as well as Oracle 11g (, 32- and 64-bit). Also, the architecture of the operating system must match that of the Oracle installation; in other words, the 32-bit version of Oracle must not be used on a 64-bit OS, or vice versa. While the installation may succeed (in the case of 32-bit Oracle on 64-bit OS), configuration problems will result.

Please note that this requires an upgrade of a previous v10.x environment which only supported Oracle 10g. It should be considered however that Oracle 10g is now entering the end of its support lifetime, and an upgrade to Oracle 11g would be highly recommended.



In the System Requirements Guide, page 26 "Oracle database requirements" it is stated:

All new Symantec Data Loss Prevention installations should install and use Oracle
11g to ensure continued support for database security and stability patches. After
upgrading to Symantec Data Loss Prevention version 11, customers that use
Oracle 10g should upgrade to Oracle 11g as necessary to receive continued security


For any other considered environment, please see TECH220433 (What would occur in current releases if the backend Oracle DB is not certified or unsupported?).