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Supportability of Oracle patch regarding cancelled russian DST


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Russia has cancelled daylight saving time this year. Due to this a patch was issued for Oracle DB -  DSTv17 (ID 1335999.1).

Is the patch recommended or required for Symantec DLP ?


DLP as an application is not directly affected because we don’t store any time zone info in our database schema.

Therefore, if this is a dedicated Vontu DB, any customers in Russia do not need to apply the Oracle DST patch since the DST change has no affect on us.


If this is a shared environment, the customer would be responsible for applying the steps according to Oracles documentation. The Patch has not been certified explicitly from Symantec side, but we would not expect any issues.

The only side affect may be caused by the change is the use of the SYSDATE function in Oracle. 
Per Oracle doc (Note ID: 1335999.1).

The Note 227334.1  Dates & Calendars - Frequently Asked Questions has a complete overview of the sysdate behavior. Please note that this, while it may affect Oracle, is NOT dependent on an Oracle setting or "Oracle DST patch" but a pure OS setting. The "TZ" variable is NOT an Oracle variable.

For "sysdate" 2 things are possible:

1.a) The listener and database are currently started using an OS level TZ setting to a named Russian timezone (most likely called "Europe/Kaliningrad" , "Europe/Moscow" , "Europe/Volgograd" etc - but check your OS vendor documentation for this) then:

·         this OS needs an update to not implement any DST change in 2011 for this named timezone

·         or you need to change the named timezone to an offset and restart the database and listener.

1.b)The listener and database are currently started using the correct OS level TZ offset ( for ex + 3:00 ) then there is no action to take.

Again, Oracle will use the OS "TZ" setting when Oracle was started (like any other OS process / program) this MAY be different then the setting you have now set in the OS environment.