Scope of flex response support
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Scope of flex response support


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


What is the scope under which the Flex response is working / not working ?


The Admin guide states under section ‘About Endpoint FlexResponse’

You can use Endpoint FlexResponse rules on the following types of endpoint
destinations and protocols:
■ Endpoint Discover
■ Hard drive monitoring
■ USB-connected devices

After you have installed the Endpoint FlexResponse plug-in, you can add it as a
response rule action in your policy.

The endpoint FlexResponse is not supported with AFAC.  The AFAC is considered as a separate DIM event, so it’s not same as local drive monitoring event.
The endpoint FlexResponse is NOT supported on following DIM events:

1.      CD/DVD
2.      IM
3.      PRINT
4.      AFAC
5.      FTP
6.      Clipboard