Packet Capture doesn't start on localized OS version
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Packet Capture doesn't start on localized OS version


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Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor


The Operating system is not English and the Packet Capture doesn't start.

You can see this error in the PacketCapture.log:

04/25/11 16:32:40 [0x000007ac] INFO  PacketCapture - PacketCapture() PacketCapture Started [.\PacketCapture.cpp(62)]
04/25/11 16:32:41 [0x000007ac] ERROR PacketDriver - Device  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4: could not be resolved. [.\PacketDriverWinpcap.cpp(394)]
04/25/11 16:32:41 [0x000007ac] ERROR PacketCapture - Failed to start new capture on device  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4:: Exception - Failed to open adapter  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4: [.\PacketCapture.cpp(143)]
04/25/11 16:32:41 [0x000007ac] ERROR PacketCapture - Driver initialization failed for adapter  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4:.  Capture will not continue on that adapter. [.\PacketCapture.cpp(160)]
04/25/11 16:32:41 [0x000007ac] INFO  PacketCapture - Stopping capture on  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4:. [.\PacketCapture.cpp(191)]
04/25/11 16:32:41 [0x000007ac] INFO  PacketCapture - Capture is stopped on  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4:. [.\PacketCapture.cpp(209)]


  • The issue could be solved by installing the latest version of network adapter drivers. After installing drivers, the name of the network adapter became Latin. No cyrillic letters are present.
  • This problem may appear in other instances if the network adapter drivers contain cyrillic characters as the name of the device.
  • Also, verify that the OS and OS language are fully supported per the System Requirements guide of the respective version.