Packet Capture doesn't start on localized OS version


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Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor


The Operating system is not English and the Packet Capture doesn't start.

You can see this error in the PacketCapture.log:

04/25/11 16:32:40 [0x000007ac] INFO  PacketCapture - PacketCapture() PacketCapture Started [.\PacketCapture.cpp(62)]
04/25/11 16:32:41 [0x000007ac] ERROR PacketDriver - Device  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4: could not be resolved. [.\PacketDriverWinpcap.cpp(394)]
04/25/11 16:32:41 [0x000007ac] ERROR PacketCapture - Failed to start new capture on device  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4:: Exception - Failed to open adapter  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4: [.\PacketCapture.cpp(143)]
04/25/11 16:32:41 [0x000007ac] ERROR PacketCapture - Driver initialization failed for adapter  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4:.  Capture will not continue on that adapter. [.\PacketCapture.cpp(160)]
04/25/11 16:32:41 [0x000007ac] INFO  PacketCapture - Stopping capture on  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4:. [.\PacketCapture.cpp(191)]
04/25/11 16:32:41 [0x000007ac] INFO  PacketCapture - Capture is stopped on  2CE?>@B>2>5 A5B52>5 ?>4:. [.\PacketCapture.cpp(209)]


The issue could be solved by installing the latest version of network adapter drivers. After installing drivers, the name of the network adapter became Latin. No cyrillic letters are present.

This problem may appear in other instances if the network adapter drivers contain cyrillic characters as the name of the device.

Also, verify that the OS and OS language are fully supported per the System Requirements guide of the respective version.