Accessing details for incidents prior to upgrade fails


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Accessing details for incidents prior to upgrade fails with the error "unexpected error"


The DLP upgrade guide must be followed in order to avoid problems.  The method to upgrade from an earlier version to a later one is that it must be completed in increments.


Upgrade from V7 to V9  must be completed by upgrading from version 7 to 8 then 8 to 9.  You CAN NOT perform an upgrade from an older version to a later version without increments.

If the customer has followed the upgrade guide and is not able to access incidents prior to preforming the upgrade to the latest version of DLP, the following information needs to be established.

1. Was the Oracle Password changed on the database during the upgrade?

2. Did the Physical server location change for the Database? or was the Server password changed?  

If they have changed the Oracle password and/or Server location there is a strong possibility that the encryption key has changed on the upgrade which is stopping access to older incidents which were originally used with a different key.

The method to correct this would be to contact Technical Support to run a password extractor utility to obain the original password and change the password back to the original database password.

NOTE: Please contact Symantec Support to arrange for the extraction of the password protect file.

By changing the password back, any new incidents created after the upgrade will not be accessible.  Customers will need to decide if they need access to the old incidents and if they want to leave the password on the new server as is.  They can restore the back up of the Oracle Database to another server and reinstall an older versio,n to be able to access the older incidents.