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Discover scans fail. FileReader.log contains - SEVERE: Unmount Exception


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


Discover scans fail with numerous Unknown Errors.



Discover scans fail with numerous Unknown errors

FileReader.log contains:

SEVERE: Unmount Exception: Unknown Error
at com.vontu.directorycrawler.VontuFileException.<init>(
at com.vontu.directorycrawler.sharepointmapper.GenericSharePointMapper.unmapDrive(
at com.vontu.directorycrawler.sharepointmapper.SharePointMapper.unmount(
at com.vontu.directorycrawler.AbstractFileSystemCrawler.unmountShareIfNecessary(
at com.vontu.directorycrawler.AbstractFileSystemCrawler.processContentRoot(
at com.vontu.directorycrawler.AbstractFileSystemCrawler.crawl(
at Source)
Jul 8, 2007 5:16:49 AM com.vontu.directorycrawler.AbstractFileSystemCrawler unmountShareIfNecessary
WARNING: failed to unmount:


INFO: Error output from umount command The device is being accessed by an active process.
More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2404.
Jul 8, 2007 5:16:09 AM com.vontu.directorycrawler.sharepointmapper.GenericSharePointMapper unmapDrive
WARNING: Could not identify command error condition!

Basically, two people can both remote desktop into a box and mount a share to l: without effecting each other. Each has a 'session'. Both can't mount 2 l: s in their own individual session. The Vontu service basically maintains its own session and 'somehow' lost track of the unmount and therefore couldn't mount the new one.

Restart the Vontu Services and resume scan