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What are the parameters that determine how far apart EDM keyword matches can be in order to trigger a policy?


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What determines the proximity of EDM tokens to be considered a match?



If I am looking for 2 elements, like Name and SSN, in a EDM, what is the Symantec DLP parameter that says how far apart in a document they can be, to be a match?


The following settings within the Advanced Server Page determine the proximity of EDM tokens.

If this value is true, then it runs the token proximity check. The free-form (a.k.a. simple) text proximity is defined by EDM.SimpleTextProximityRadius setting. The tabular text proximity is defined by belonging to the same table row. If EDM.RunProximityLogic = false it will check the entire document for matching.  If EDM.RunProximityLogic = true it will only match within the proximity range

This is the number of tokens to the left and to the right of the current token that are evaluated together when the proximity check is enabled.