How to configure Endpoint Discover target to scan specific fixed drives on single agent or on IP address range?


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Discover


How to configure the Endpoint Discover target to scan particular fixed drives (partitions) on single Endpoint agent or on IP address range?


When you set Endpoint Discover target either on single IP or IP address range for Endpoint machines. This Endpoint Discover target will scan all drives which are fixed on machine. In order for the Endpoint Discover target to scan or monitor only selected drives (partitions) on the agent, add include and exclude filters to the scan target based on drive letters.

For example, if you want to scan only D: drive you would add exclude filters for C:/* , E:/* and so on (depending on how many local drives are present on the endpoint machines).

Include Filter:  >

Exclude Filter:  C:/*, E:/*

For more details on how to set endpoint targets refer topic Configuration options for endpoint targets in help option of DLP.