The incidents timestamp in the GUI is incorrect (example 8 hours ahead)
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The incidents timestamp in the GUI is incorrect (example 8 hours ahead)


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


The incident timestamp is showed incorrectly. It shows a different time than the Operating System, for example, 8 hours ahead.


The issue is probably related to a problem with the jre (not Vontu) not being able to read the registry properly for the time under certain conditions. 

You have to reset the time by un-checking  Daylight savings and then checking it again, at that time the registry was put in a state that was readable by the jre when we restarted the Vontu services. 

You can check out the following link for more info about the problem described above:
From this article, the workaround is:
 * Changing date/time manually and then changing back to original correct time.
* Changing timezone and then back to original one.
* Requesting automatic time update from time server.

Here the steps to solve the issue:


- login as Domain Administrator on the Enforce server
- Change time and disable Daylight Saving Changes
- restart Vontu services
- Change back to the correct  time and enable Daylight Saving Changes
- restart Vontu services


The following information replaces the previous workaround, fixing definitely the problem.

In November 2011 Java release this tool to fix the problem:

Please install the patch for Java on each DLP server to update the time-zone in java. Then reboot the servers and the problem will be fixed.

Refer to this article for the steps to run the tzupdater:

Updating timezone data in Data Loss Prevention JRE software, corrects for cancellation of Brazil DST