How to install DLP agent


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How to install DLP agent.

You can install the agent software using either wizard or you can

install the agent software through the command line using the batch file.


Note: the following steps only apply for DLP Endpoint Agent versions prior to 12.5.

In the installation files which is downloaded from the Symantec website there will be 2 folders:

X86  (For 32 bit platform)

X64  (For 64 bit platform)

Execute the AgentInstall.msi to install it using InstallShield Wizard from the respective folder.

1.)    Once executed the following wizard will pop-up.


Click Next


2.)    Next screen is for the License Agreement.

Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click Next.

       3.)    This is where the Endpoint Servers and the Service Name is to be entered

Enter the Endpoint server names or ip addresses.

4.)    Location to be specified where the agent is to be installed.

Click Next.

5.)    Confirmation screen.

Click Install.

6.)    Installation completed.

Click Finish.

After completing the installation, go to the services screens by typing services.msc in Start>Run and check if the EDPA and WDP services are started.


Once the EDPA and WDP service is started, it means the agent is successfully installed on the computer.