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How can the email notification reference Symantec DLP URLs with non-default SSL ports setup?


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


A different SSL port other than the default port 443 is being used, but the reports sent out are still referencing the default SSL port 443.

How can the send out reports reference non-standard SSL ports in the links?


You can set the used SSL port via logging in as the Administrator user account.

- Go to Administration > Settings > System Settings

- Click on the 'Configure' button
- Under the section 'Reports and Alerts' populate the 'Fully Qualified manager Name'
The format is <fully qualified manager host name>|<manager host ip>}[:<ssl port number>]
So if the Enforce server name is 'test' and the SSL port is 123 then the entry should be test:123

Now, whenever reports are being sent out, the reference will point back to the server name (or IP) including the referenced port. In the above example it would reference https://test:123

Please note that when no port is specified, the https reference will use the default port 443.