Executing GVBLDIX utilizing the "DROP" parameter and the job goes into a SRB loop and must be cancelled under z/OS 2.2.


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CA FAVER VSAM Data Protection for Z/OS


When upgrading to z/OS 2.2 and executing CA Faver GVBILDIX with the DROP parameter and allocating an alternate index. The jobs goes into a SRB loop and must be cancelled. Other utilities fail as well but this was noticed since GVBLDIX is heavily used.

The SRB loop in VSAM RLS code only appeared after applying OA48980 on z/OS 2.2


z/OS 2.2CA Faver 4.5


The SRB loop in VSAM RLS code was experienced after applying OA48980 on z/OS 2.2.  When the base VSAM record is updated, VSAM RLS attempts to update the record in the alternate index but receives a no record found condition due to the DROP. Prior to OA48980, this would be handled as normal and life would move on. After OA48980, the address space performing the update would become unresponsive. A dump shows that there is a looping SRB which prevents a STATUS STOP,SRB from completing and locks up the address space requiring a FORCE be issued which triggers a SPIN loop to break the looping SRB.

IBM created APAR OA53675 for this.

You must contact IBM for this APAR.