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Can I use a variable to move a file to another location when using Discover with Protect?


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


I want to move files from a laptop to “servername/share/username” where “username” is a variable, which is defined in Discover. Can Discover pick up the username variable and insert it into the path where the files are to be moved?


No, variable substitution is not available. 

You can define targets to crawl down a path by limiting the depth; however, you cannot use wildcards. For example, each of the following target definitions will find the badfile.txt if it is in the path:


//server/share/depth1/depth2/depth3 (This scans only those files in depth3 and below, for example, if there is a depth 4)

//server/share/depth1,,2 (This scan continues down 2 depths, below depth 1 to depth 3, and does not scan anything below depth3)

//server/share (This scans the entire directory structure, all depths)

For example: /home/cam/bad_file1.txt would be placed in Quarentine/cam/bad_file1.txt