How to modify the Last Access Date in Discover Scan


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover


How to make sure that the last access date is not changed when running a Discover scan.


Relevant to all versions.

For CIFS and JCIF Shares

When running a Discover scan, the scanner will touch the files, therefore resetting the last access date.  By default, Discover will restore the last access date back to the original value.

There is a directive that can change the default behavior, so that the last access date is modified. The directive is in the file \Vontu\Protect\config\ or \SymantecDLP\Protect\config\

Change the following values from "true" to "false":

# Should the file system crawler reset the last accessed date of scanned files? Mounter only filesystemcrawler.resetlastaccessed = true

NOTE: This does not apply to NFS and DFS shares.