ETLDP53E Bind failed, address not available during CA LDAP startup
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ETLDP53E Bind failed, address not available during CA LDAP startup


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How to resolve the 'ETLDP53E Bind failed, address not available' error message during CA LDAP startup.

CA LDAP server comes up with error:

ETLDP27I CA LDAP Server load of module back_catss_utf.dll succeeded
ETLDP32I CA LDAP Server registration of module back_catss_utf.dll (15.1.2016.1115) as a null module succeeded
ETLDP00I CA LDAP Server r15.1 is starting on URL(s) <ldap://123.456.789.10:389>
ETLDP53E Bind failed, address not available
ETLDP03I CA LDAP Server r15.1 has ended



Component: GEN


CA LDAP cant connect using the port and IP address specified because of a TCPIP issue.

Please make sure port 389 is not being used by another application. The port being used cannot be shared by CA LDAP. It must exclusively use it. Please contact your network person who configures TCPIP on your mainframe to see if the port is being used and what ports are free. Any port number can be used, it just has to be unused.

Can you ping the IP address and see if you get a response? If not, you need to contact your network administrator to determine why?