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Application metering policies hidden after upgrade


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After completing and upgrade to a new version I have seen where all the application metering policies are hidden from view. You can serach in the Symantec Management Console and find the policies and verified that they are still active on client workstations but are not able to view/edit/delete any of the policies because they are hidden

 There is no error in the logs


 The cause is the root folder or folders that contain the application metering policies are hidden and thus makes the metering policies hidden.


Get the name or GUID of the parent folder or root folder using the "View as XML" for each application metering policy by searching for the name of the policy in the Symantec Management Console.

Then query the GUID or name of the folder from the "Item" SQL table and check "Attributes" field setting. If the "Attributes" is set to 1 or more it is hidden.

For example, my Application Metering policy is in a folder called "Meter Office Applications"
SELECT * FROM Item WHERE Name = 'Meter Office Applications'
Checking the "Attributes" field is set to 1
If I'll manually update App Metering policy "Attributes" = 1, then it will be hidden from SMP Console.
To unhid the folder, copy the GUID from the previous query and set the value of "Attributes" to 0 by using the following SQL query:
SET Attributes=0
WHERE GUID = 'guid of the folder'
Check to see if you can see the folder and policies it contains in the Symantec Management Console. 
Repeat these steps for other parent folders of hidden application meteirng policies.


Applies To

ITMS 7.1, 7.1 SP2, 7.1 SP2 MP1, 7.5, and 7.5 SP1